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The Search by SuperNinjaDuck
The Search

Theres still alot to do with this costume but im super happy how its coming out!! Got a few photos at the Ren Fair!

Deanarys Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones

House of the Undying outft

New Perspective by SuperNinjaDuck
New Perspective
My favorite picture of my Yang hutress version from RWBY!!

This start of the year was a hard blow with the loss of Monty O but i hope the fandom he created continues to live on. And im so thankful for something that so many of my friends and i connect on.

photo by…
New costumes to come by SuperNinjaDuck
New costumes to come
(NEW: To see an updated progress picture of my Daenerys cosplay click here… )

Some work in progress for 3 different costumes.

First is Tira from Soul Calibur an alternate outfit! Of course i wanted something complicated so why not something with a whole lot of feathers... I need to buy more, that right there was just 300. Yellow had to be painted. Then they were hand strung with a needle and thread. After that i sewed them down to a mesh pattern so they wont move. This is gonna be awhile before its done

Second is Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena. I started this costume almost a year ago, and would like to actually finish it this year. I think i was getting alittle discouraged with cosplay at the time and that's why it went on hiatus. I need to go back to everything that is yellow and make it gold. And gotta figure out what kinda fabric im gonna use for shorts. Over all this costume is pretty close.

And last but not least is Daenerys from GOT. I actually got the wig for something else, but i wanted to do a make-up test of the mother of dragons and i got a great reaction from my friends! So then it became i must do! Im doing the House of the Undying costume because its my fave! Only problem is its a weird purply pink and there was nothing like it at the fabric stores. So i got a pink satin and blue crinkle pearlized sheer fabric. With that over it, it gave it a purple pink look i was going for!

The sides are to long, but i wont cut that down till i get my lining so i don't mess up anything. Guess i'll start on the skirt cause its all i can do now.

Other costumes planned and in progress but this is enough for now!
So ive seen alot of people hating on WIPs on DA because their belief is "this should be for completed projects only!!". And was wondering how others felt about it? I actual like finding WIPs because i can see how some one did something if im stuck.. but im now afraid to post them here because that mindset. Would any one following me like to see WIPS?

Also high long time no journal! Just want to through one out since its officially the second month in the new year!

Already there has been a tragedy that has blindsided alot of fans, but i hope that passion for the fandom doesn't die.

Currently in my second semester for costume design and creation and super excited to see results. Already have a new costume under way and am hoping to have alot of really awesome ones finished through out the year!

Keep your heads up and have a good month :heart:


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United States
Hi im SuperNinjaDuck

I have been cosplaying since 2009, i began to make my own cosplays late in 2010. In just a couple years i have come so far. I want to continue growing in this hobby so thank you for your encouragement :love:
What is cosplay to me?: Cosplay is an art form. Its a way to connect to a character you love on a deeper level. Any one can cosplay dont let looks, height, or weight stand in the way. Im a firm believer in do what you love and love what you do.
Come find me on Facebook <3…

Current Projects:
Shelke the transparent 60% done

Possible future projects:
Chizuru from Hakuouki
Hikaru from Angelic Layer

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